Lots happening, not much said

I’ve been pretty quiet for a while. Two weeks of that was in Switzerland, in Adelboden, leading for HF Holidays. It was a fantastic couple of weeks. Great weather (apparently its been a pretty poor summer, so we were lucky), and cracking walking. The hotel, Hotel Waldhaus-Huldi, was brilliant. The level of service we received was absolutely outstanding and I would recommend it to anyone.

On other fronts, I’ve been busy on various things. Sometime soon we’ll be presenting ourselves more formally to the world, so watch this space (and the new Innovation Agency tag!). I was due to head out to California in early September on business (as much as what I do can be considered that!), but ongoing issues with a incessant injury to the leg caused me to postpone. Hopefully I’ll be flying out on the 30th of this month.

Spent last weekend at Mar Lodge for my aunt and uncle’s silver wedding anniversary. It really was something special – the location was just amazing (the ball room has 2500 stag skulls – fascinating if slightly morbid).


About Henry Gomersall

I'm a engineer wanting to make things actually useful. I'm someone that wants to drive technology and ideas to be helpful for everyone. I'm someone that realises the disconnect between technology and utility and I hope to correct that...
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