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I'm a engineer wanting to make things actually useful. I'm someone that wants to drive technology and ideas to be helpful for everyone. I'm someone that realises the disconnect between technology and utility and I hope to correct that...

A Personal Case for the EU

Prior to the UK referendum vote to leave the EU on June 23rd, my personally espoused view on the EU was rather academic. My internal argument was that the EU had its problems but it was on the whole a … Continue reading

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Running Vivado under Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf)

It seems that my fresh shiny installation of Ubuntu Wily isn’t liked much by the recent versions of Vivado. After a little too long, I managed to get Vivado working just fine, though it wasn’t trivial. Basically the problem is … Continue reading

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From tests to specifications (and everything in between)

I came to a really neat realisation a little time ago that when using test-drive development (TDD), the testing of your software defines the specification of your software. This may be obvious but it really highlights the fundamental difference in … Continue reading

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Keeping accounts in the cloud

And so it has come to pass that Gnucash no longer suffices as my accounting software. It saddens me as I think the project is great and for many applications it would still be a great solution. There is not … Continue reading

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pyFFTW coming together

It has been sometime since I posted about pyFFTW, the last being well over a year ago when I introduced the wisdom functionality. Despite that, the development has been plodding along steadily (and quiet releases made!) and with the 0.9.1 … Continue reading

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Squishing Matlab mex files into Octave

Common wisdom says that the mex files that Matlab builds are good for Matlab, and Matlab only. Not having trivial access to an installation of Matlab and needing to access the very neat and useful Field II package, this was … Continue reading

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Speedy fast 1D convolution with SSE

I’ve done a bit of coding in the past with SSE instructions and achieved quite a significant speedup. I’ve also been playing recently with OpenCL as a means of implementing a fast, cross-device version of the Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform … Continue reading

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