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A Personal Case for the EU

Prior to the UK referendum vote to leave the EU on June 23rd, my personally espoused view on the EU was rather academic. My internal argument was that the EU had its problems but it was on the whole a … Continue reading

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Science in policy, an engineer’s take

I went to a talk on Thursday evening hosted by CSaP. It was Mark Henderson talking about his new book, The Geek Manifesto. The talk was interesting and Mark had lots of good points to make about science in government … Continue reading

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How to peel a beetroot

After you’ve roasted it in foil for an hour, stick a fork in one end, hold it vertically up, and scrape it downwards with a teaspoon.

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A Public Service Announcement on the Matter of the Tying of One’s Shoelaces

Earlier this week, my father was lamenting the fact that his boot laces keep coming undone. This is apparently a particular problem when the boot laces in question are under a pair of gaiters, but I personally think it must … Continue reading

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The Innovation Agency site launches…

The Innovation Agency website has now launched officially. Be delighted by its greenness and its wordiness (and also by its content!). That is all.

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New promises on open data from UK gov

This is seriously exciting. If I understand what it says correctly, the UK government is going to require that a whole raft of interesting and publicly relevant data is made available for public use, through dumps or APIs. It’s too … Continue reading

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Lots happening, not much said

I’ve been pretty quiet for a while. Two weeks of that was in Switzerland, in Adelboden, leading for HF Holidays. It was a fantastic couple of weeks. Great weather (apparently its been a pretty poor summer, so we were lucky), … Continue reading

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